Recalled or Discontinued Supplements

Dietary supplement “ingredients” prohibited by the Department of Defense.

The following substances at one time appeared, or currently appear, ingredients in products labeled dietary supplements. While FDA or the U.S. Armed Services disallowed them for various reasons. In addition, controlled substances*  not permitted for use, but only a few listed here.

Also prohibited (but not listed) (1) prescription drugs for which you do not have a current prescription written specifically for you.  Prescription weight-loss medications specified  branch policy. DoD follows federal guidelines with regard to dietary supplements, so this list provided to help Military Service Members keep track of ingredients to avoid when considering dietary supplement products.

Deca Bol

Deca-Bol by

 What Is Deca Bol ? Deca bol was originally a registered trademark owned by Fizogen, which is related to SDI-Labs, Cibexo Labs. Brands affiliated with This product discontinued.  While the product referenced below is not associated with any known entities. Other Deca-Bol Sold On Ebay 7a-methyl-estra-4-en-3,17-dione represents Mentabolan (ment, ment dione). While a prohormone …

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Decca-Durabol by Stack Labs

Decca-Durabol by Stack Labs|DISCONTINUED / SAFETY RECALLED What were the product advertisement claims ? Product Information ** NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA! Decca-Durabol, a phenomenal bulking and strength compound for building muscle mass, appetite stimulation, and increased red blood cell production. Will not throw off testosterone levels and has a very low rate of aromatization. Improves …

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