Is Deca-Drolon A Steroid Alternative

DecaDrolon by Bio Age Pharmacy – Here Is Why This Supplement Might Be Beneficial To Athletes

Deca-Drolon product makes alot of big claims, so we did some research. Deca-Drolon, offered for sale on ebay as a legal deca steroid alternative.

While based on this product’s ingredients and amounts, we cannot substantiate how this product would produce any type of notable anabolic-like results.

If in America, it is worth noting that this product is shipped from Poland and Spain. While delivery time may range from 10-20 days.

Deca-Drolon Ingredients

Product Claims Made By The Manufacturer

Unverified deca Supplements“Deca Drolon 100, a high-quality product dedicated to athletes practicing strength, strength-endurance, and endurance.

The composition is based on the innovative formula ESMA ™ composed on substances, anabolic and anti-catabolic as ergogenic during training results in a significant increase of strength and endurance and also during post-training rapid recovery of the body.

The use of a period of several weeks ensures a dynamic and sustainable growth of lean muscle tissue

Unproven Product Claims

Deca-Drolon 100 Ultra Anabolic Formula“Deca Drolon 200 is a high-quality preparation dedicated to athletes practicing strength,strength-endurance and endurance sports.

It is based on the innovative formula ESMA ™consisting of anabolic, anticatabolic and ergogenic substances which result in a significantincrease in strength and endurance during training, and rapid body recovery during post-training period.

Several weeks of treatment ensures a dynamic and sustainable growth of fatfree muscle tissue.

What makes Drolon Deca 200 better than other products? The answer to the unique nature of Drolon Deca 200  found in its composition.

All substances present in the formula  used in all kind of sports for many years which prove their effectiveness.

The product owes its innovativeness thanks to not one but a combination of many substances which operate on different levels, but for one purpose – to increase strength, endurance and to rapidly build up muscle tissue.

Looking at some of the offered dietary supplements on the market it’s easy to see that 95% of the products, very similar or practically the same.

Any supplement designed to support your strengths in sports includes creatine, taurine, caffeine, beta alanine and extracts containing steroidal saponins.

Apart from the previous dozen or dozens of other additives. Whose name is sometimes even difficult to pronounce or what they do”.

How To Use

Dose: The product  taken on an empty stomach, 2 times a day. 1-2 capsules swallowed with liquid (water) in an amount of about 300ml.

On workout days you should take one dose immediately after waking up, 2nd dose 45 minutes before training. Non-workout days: take one dose immediately after waking up. 2nd dose in the afternoon on an empty stomach.

Due to the stimulating properties of the product they should be taken no later than 4 hours before bedtime.Do not exceed the recommended dose per day. However, dietary supplements should not used as a substitute of a varied diet.


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