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DecaBulk Mass by Stack Labs – What Happened To This Product ?

DecaBulk was advertised as a deca alternative but is it now RECALLED or DISCONTINUED

Decabulk Mass by Stack Labs

Ingredients of Decabulk Mass

Discontinued Deca SupplementsDecabulk Mass is composed of a formula indicated above. This formula,  however not completely detailed on its official website. This is Stack Labs’ substitute formula to the real synthetic steroid nandrolone was questionable. The supplement facts do not show any steroid, prohormone,sarm, or peptide related ingredient.

Each tablet of Decabulk Mass contains a blended formula of herbs. Most likely composed of mild stimulants, Deca-Durabol, designed to boost your energy levels and to provide anabolic effects.

Decabulk is NOT Nandrolone

Based on the ingredients we are most certain not a reliable deca steroid alternative. According to, Deca Durabolin (also known as Nandrolone Decanoate) is a 19-Nor compound. Which provides a very unique characteristics compared to other known steroidal drugs. Unknown to manny, Deca has dozens of health benefits to show off.

Nandrolone doesn’t produce many estrogenic or androgenic side effects due to its low rate of aromatization. (conversion to estrogen via the aromatase enzyme)Similar to 20% rate of testosterone.


Taking low dose of Deca also has significant health benefits such as joint pain alleviation, improved collagen synthesis and increased bone mineral content. When taken in higher doses, Deca can increase your appetite and it will trigger its anabolic effects.

Benefits of Real Nandrolone and 19-Nor Supplements

When referencing anabolic effects, it will cause gains in quality muscle as Deca binds to the androgen receptor, or its many positive non-androgen receptor mediated effects. One such effect is nitrogen retention which has a big influence on how fast muscle grows during workouts.

But Deca does not offer beneficial effects all the time. Since Deca is progestin, it can stimulate your progesterone receptor 20% as well as progesterone itself, which can trigger several side effects such as acne, water retention, testosterone reduction and many others.

Other possible side effects includes carcinoma development (tumors), endocrine side effects, musculoskeletal issues, edema, menstrual abnormalities in women, and even psychiatric conditions such as depression, insomnia, excitation and libido changes.


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