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CrazyMass vs CrazyBulk

Essentially, Crazy Bulk copied the Crazy Mass brand and is trying to pawn it off as their own.

In July 2013, with the help of MoreNiche, CrazyBulk counterfeited, stole, and cloned CrazyMass’s website.

Unlike CrazyMass, CrazyBulk is based out of the UK and hiding behind several proxy companies. It’s unclear who the parent owner is.

They also lost their main domain URL and had to change from to Now, CrazyBulk has changed some of their content and design, so as of right now they don’t appear to be infringing on any copyrights.

Deckadrolone by Crazy Mass
Crazy Mass or Crazy Bulk ? Which brand really owns this supplement?

Deckadrolone by Crazy Mass

Deckadrolone by identified this company affiliated with You can read their full report here and make your own determination as to whether or not this company is…

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