Intervet, best-selling drugs in the Pharmaceutical segment include type 2 diabetes drug Januvia. Which brings in about $4 billion in revenues annually. Other products earning more than $2 billion include diabetes drug Janumet. HPV vaccine Gardasil, and cholesterol medication Zetia. Meanwhile, $1 billion top sellers include cholesterol medication Vytorin. Skin antibiotic treatment Cubicin, HIV therapy Isentress, inflammatory treatment Remicade, cancer drug Keytruda, and chickenpox vaccine ProQuad.

Laurabolin by Intervet
Laurabolin was readily available in the 1990's and was a great source of nandrolone. This anabolic has been discontinued.

Laurabolin by Intervet

Laurabolin Nandrolone Laurate Laurabolin is sort of a vintage deca durabolin. An injectable anabolic steroid used in veterinary medicine.  Usually intended for canine use. Bodybuilders use Laurabolin since similar to…

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