Laurabolin 25 mg/ml Solution for injection for cats & dogs 10ml.


A clear oily solution for injection.

25 mg Nandrolone Laurate BP (Vet.) per ml.

While product also contains 10.4% w/v Benzyl alcohol.


Nandrolone, also a testosterone derivative which used in the supportive management of chronic renal failure.

Because this Laurabolin for animal treatment.

Laurabolin by Intervet
Laurabolin was readily available in the 1990's and was a great source of nandrolone. This anabolic has been discontinued.

Laurabolin by Intervet

Laurabolin Nandrolone Laurate Laurabolin is sort of a vintage deca durabolin. An injectable anabolic steroid used in veterinary medicine.  Usually intended for canine use. Bodybuilders use Laurabolin since similar to…

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