, another bodybuilding supplement company selling legal steroids. Making huge claims about gains and size. Similar layout to, more than likely ran by the same company. Avoid these supplements, as most no longer sold and banned or discontinued.

Typical marketing:

Best of all, our money back guarantee is simple and straightforward. Absolutely no 90 pound weakling ‘weasel’ clauses buried in ‘fine print.’ Simply return the empty bottle or unused portion within 90 days for a complete refund (less s&h). That simple.

Unlike many copycat companies selling watered down, under-dosed, cheap, and potentially dangerous knock-offs and imitations containing inferior ingredients. We don’t limit the length of time of our money back guarantee to a WIMPY 1 week or 30 days (not even giving you enough time to put the products to a real test). AND, we also don’t try to trick you with some fake “90 Day” guarantee. Forcing you to send the products back “sealed” or “un-opened” before you can ‘qualify’ for a refund. Not even get a chance to actually see if the products will work for you (How much more wimpy, weak & disgraceful could these kinds of money back guarantees get anyway?)

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